Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stila Lip Glazes

This is my current stash of Stila's Lip Glazes. I got all of these for free with coupon codes on Stila orders. Seven of them I actually received today and are brand new. I thought it would be a nice reference if I swatched them all collectively.

close-up of the brush applicator (new)
Majesty, Cherry Pie, Merry Merry, Mauvelous, Guava, Seashell
Grapefruit, Kitten, Grapefruit, Apricot, Pinkle Twinkle
Merry Merry wasn't so merry..

I really like the sheer colored ones the most. I feel like the darker shades don't look quite right on me, but they all have lovely scents. When lip glazes are brand new, you have to keep click turning them a couple times to push product out for the first time. Well, for Merry Merry's swatch, I thought I was clicking for what seemed longer than usual and didn't realize (until it was too late) that the top part with the brush applicator wasn't connected to the rest of the pen! I lost some product trying to push it back together and now it looks like a huge mess inside the pen as well. Another thing I'd like to point out was that I have two glazes in Grapefruit but they look like two different colors. I don't know if Stila changes the formula every so often or something, but I just thought it was a bit odd. If I compare the two, one lip glaze is only labeled with "made in China" while the other (and older) one is labeled "contents made in USA, assembled in China." So today I learned that if you get a Stila Lip Glaze in Grapefruit where its 'contents' were made in the states, it'll look more orange and peachy rather than pink.

I know the photo's super sharp, but it's because the focus was way off :[

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