Friday, February 4, 2011

MUFE Rock For Ever Aqua Eyes

two part tin packaging

I've wanted to try Make Up For Ever's liners but they're so expensive individually and I have the hardest time trying to pick just one color. I nabbed this set from Sephora when they were discounted even more from their current sale price.

  • #8L - Argent (Silver)
  • #0L - Noir Mat (Matte Black)
  • #21L - Gris Foncé (Dark Grey)
  • #10L - Bronze (Copper)
  • #9L - Or (Gold / Metallic Yellow)

After swatching both MUFE's Noir Mat and Urban Decay's Zero, they look exactly the same (at least to me anyway).


They are the same size as the liners Urban Decay's Jackpot set and similar to them in quality as well. In regards to color, they all have a metallic look minus the #0L which is the matte black. Overall, I don't have any complaints; I love the colors, how smoothly they apply and the packaging is really great for traveling.

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