Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brown Sugar Lip Polish from Fresh

click for a larger view!

I actually really like this lip scrub. It smells delicious (just like brown sugar) and a little bit goes a long way, so it should last you a long time. You scoop out a very small amount using a clean finger or a spatula and gently rub it on your lips then rinse it off. The product itself feels like sticky sugar in the tiny tub and then oily granulated sugar on your lips. Afterwards, your lips will feel so soft! I have really sensitive skin so I only use it a few times a week. The ingredients list a few oils so people who don't like their lips feeling oily/greasy may not like this lip scrub.

Although essentially, you would get similar results just by mixing some brown sugar and jojoba (or olive) oil yourself. Another problem I have is the price of this scrub. 22.50$ for 0.6 oz is pretty steep for something that can be homemade. It is a good buy for people who are lazy, I suppose. I bought it discounted and love the smooth packaging so no other real complaints from me. 

swatched on my wrist so you can see the texture

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