Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Femme Metale Precious Metals Eye Makeup Kit from Benefit

I got this set back in December for 28$ discounted from its 38$ price tag (117$ value) and it's so worth it! It comes with three creaseless cream shadows and three eyeliners. Individually, one creaseless cream shadow is 19$ so I don't feel too guilty about this purchase. I really like all the colors and hadn't tried Benefit's cream shadows before this set too. The colors are versatile in that they can be used as a base, shadow colors and liner. I like the texture of the cream shadows, they are really smooth and creamy.

Blinged, Steel Her Date, Gem-n-Eye

I haven't used them as liner, but for when I used Taupe-Aztic as a base, it did seem to smudge my shadows a bit. The eyeliners apply really smoothly, although Gem-N-Eye feels a bit crumbly, I think that's just due to the glitter in it. The names for everything is super cute too!

eyeliner & cream shadow swatches!
Blinged, Steel Her Date, Gem-n-Eye
Gem-n-Eye, Blinged, Steel Her Date
from top down: Pluming for Gold, Platinum, Taupe-Aztic