Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lime Crime Magic Dusts

[editmakeup tokki no longer supports Lime Crime.] I'm finally making a post including (most of) all the Lime Crime eyeshadows that I own. There are lots of photos and swatches after the cut! Note that either Liquid Sugar or MAC Fix+ Lavender were used for the wet swatches.

Top (left to right): Medusa, Mirror Mirror, Dragon Scales, Shoe Addict
Bottom (left to right): Cupcake Thief, Siren, Circus Girl

Each 'Magic Dust' or eyeshadow comes sealed with a sifter, housed in a cute purple and yellow box that has a unicorn emblem. In this post I'll be reviewing five out of the seven eyeshadows pictured above.

Cupcake Thief: dry/wet

Cupcake Thief is probably one of my favorites out of all them. It has a smooth texture even when it's dry and when wet, it really brings out the color.

Siren: dry/wet

I definitely like Siren more when applied wet, it is a nice fire truck red. Although removing it stains my skin pink even with a good makeup remover.

Mirror Mirror: dry/wet

Mirror Mirror is the most consistent along with Cupcake Thief in terms of being workable as dry product. Applying wet definitely makes the color more vibrant though.

look how pretty that color is!
Medusa: dry/wet

Medusa can be a tricky color to use. Dry, it looks matte black with very subtle hints of blue sparkles, but once it's wet, it looks like an almost-black blue. I definitely prefer the latter version of the color since I feel as though that is what the color is intended to look like. After removal, Medusa also stains my skin and leaves behind a light blue.

Dragon Scales: dry/wet

Dragon Scales is a duochrome that is basically a loose eyeshadow version of Too Faced's Label Whore and Rock & Republic's Lawsuit when wet. The green undertones are much more prominent when applied wet.

Siren, Cupcake Thief, Dragon Scales, Mirror Mirror, Medusa, Shoe Addict stain

Overall, I'd recommend Cupcake Thief and Mirror Mirror Magic Dusts. Like any loose eyeshadow, they work best with a sticky base or if they are applied wet. Individually, each eyeshadow is priced at 14$ which is expensive for the amount of product you get. I personally have not bought any of mine at full price and purchased most of them from either ShanaLogic or when Lime Crime was having their Black Friday sale where they were 40% off.

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