Monday, March 21, 2011

tokidoki Sodashop Palette

I ❤ tokidoki! I've been collecting their purses for years now and I'm so glad their makeup is actually good quality because I would buy it anyway. The recent release of the Soda Shop collection is so cute and girly. It even has Donutella (my favorite character) featured in the print! 

Hit the jump for lots of photos and swatches~

front in its packaging
back in its packaging
palette tin & detachable magnet
sheet of tokidoki character magnets
opened up
eyeshadows, liner & SANDy nail file
eyeshadows without the plastic insert
9 of 12 eyeshadows
the paper/cardboard insert that says what's in the set
zoomed in
characters and names of eyeshadows

For the most part, Sephora's online description of the palette is accurate.
  • Skull Donut (nude vanilla)
  • Patatino (shimmery pale golden peach)
  • Riposino (medium brown)
  • Ciccio (bronzy gold brown)
  • Mummetto (dark brown)
  • Mozzarella (shimmery dark brown)
  • Tulipano (pale lilac)
  • Nancy Rocks (shimmery purple)
  • Romeo (plum)*
  • Ciotolina (shimmery mossy green)
  • Arrosto (dark charcoal gray with shimmer)*
  • Furbina (dark purple with shimmer)*

Now for my nitpicking. First off, Sephora lists Furbina as "Forbino" and as a dark purple, which I do not agree with. To me, it looks like a darker version of Arrosto with purple sparkles. And the purple sparkles only look like they were on the top of the eyeshadow pan, not throughout it. Also, initially, Arrosto looks very matte and more black than gray. It looks like there are some silver specks (seemingly) in the rest of the pan after swatching, however. Keep in mind that I would need to use both Arrosto and Furbina more to confirm my (minor) complaints about them. Personally, I would not describe Romeo as a plum color, but only because I would expect a plum color to be more on the purple side. Romeo looks like a dark cranberry color to me and the name totally suits the actual color! On my arm, it is a bit lighter than Benefit's Pluming for Gold cream shadow (not shown).

from left to right: Skull Donut, Patatino, Riposino, Ciccio, Mummetto, Mozzarella

I don't have any serious complaints about this palette. Nearly all of the shimmery colors are decently pigmented and do not take much layering to get a good amount of color. Patatino is the one shimmery color that isn't like the others in that the color is so pale. Same with Ciotolina, since it was much less pigmented than I was expecting it to be after seeing the color in the pan. Riposino was a bit streaky when I swatched it, but it is very pigmented. Mummetto is a matte brown that was very streaky and had the most fallout for me. Behind that one is Tulipano which is a pinkish lilac that was a bit streaky but didn't have as much fallout as Mummetto. Overall, the eyeshadows apply smoothly, are buildable and blend well with each other.

from left to right: Tulipano, Nancy Rocks, Romeo, Ciotolina, Arrosto, Furbina
eyeliner in Carina
Carina - swatch 1
Carina - swatch 2
SANDy nail file (front)
SANDy nail file (back)

My bias aside, I do think the new tokidoki palette is worth its 49$ price tag. Disregarding everything else that comes in the set, it would be approximately 4$ per eyeshadow, which I think is fair. I love the characters' names and how each of them match their own eyeshadow color. Most of them are pigmented enough for me to make up for the few others that are lacking. Plus, I do have a universal expectation of any matte eyeshadow having tons of fallout simply because it is matte. I also really like that it came with an eyeliner because I've been wanting to try them! Even if you aren't a tokidoki fiend like I am, I would definitely recommend this palette, it has a good variety of colors and the tin it's housed in is adorable and useful.

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