Sunday, April 17, 2011

(3) AMC Eyeshadows from Inglot

3, 5, and 10 pan palettes in their box packaging

I actually placed my first order back at the beginning of March and it got caught in a 'glitch' in Inglot's system where my order was completely overlooked at fulfillment. I waited way too long before I called them (after tweeting and trying to use their contact form online to no avail) and the nice lady I spoke to refunded the shipping (11$) and overnighted my order to me! So for future reference, calling Ingot is the fastest way to get service. This post will show you the AMC eyeshadows I received with a 3 pan Freedom System palette.

back of the 3 pan box & 3 wrapped eyeshadows
front/back of an empty 3 pan palette

The lid has the Inglot logo tiled and is magnetic to the bottom half of the palette by the two metal circles at the ends.

each eyeshadow comes in a fitted plastic container that's in a plastic sealed baggie
open palette & lid
63, 65 & 67

Though I did like these eyeshadows, I was least impressed with them in terms of pigmentation compared to the Double Sparkle (D.S.) and Pearl ones.
  • AMC 63 - matte black, decent application
  • AMC 65 - black with multi-colored sparkles (reminds me of a pressed version of Sugarpill's Stella), can clump a bit in application, buildable
  • AMC 67 - soft navy blue with sparkles, the least impressive application (out of these 3 AMC shadows), had to layer to get decent swatch

close-up of 63
close-ups of 65 & 67
ingredient list

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