Thursday, April 28, 2011

(5) Double Sparkle Eyeshadows from Inglot

Inglot's Double Sparkle or D.S. eyeshadows each have sparkle to them and apply smoothly with very little to no fallout.

empty 5 pan palette
back of packaging and the palette
back of the palette
483, 487, 488, 496 & 504

  • D.S. 483 - navy blue with blue sparkles
  • D.S. 487 - reddish brown with golden sparkle
  • D.S. 488 - peachy pink, very smooth application
  • D.S. 496 - sheeny white, smooth application
  • D.S. 504 - sea green with sparkle, smooth application


Inglot eyeshadow #504 was very pigmented from just one layer of swatching and the application was buttery smooth. It's probably my favorite color from this custom palette, and I normally don't like greens.

close-ups of 483 & 487
new/unused 487
used (see minimal fallout) 487
new/unused 504
ingredient list

Overall, I prefer Inglot's Double Sparkle eyeshadows over the AMC ones, mainly because their color payoff is much easier to obtain.

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