Monday, April 18, 2011

Adventurous in Aspen Travel Palette from Stila

front cover

Similar to Trendsetting in Tokyo, this palette was a limited edition from last winter.

back cover
when the eyeshadows were new and unused
when Sakura was new and unused (not true to color)
Snow Angel, Icicles, Glisten, Ajax, Rosy (light & heavy swatches)
close-up of eyeshadows (used)

  • Snow Angel (shimmery silver blue) - one of the two better shadows, decent pigmentation
  • Icicles (muted matte navy blue) - I don't know what it is about Stila's mattes and blues that keep falling short or why the pan dulled to a weird color after use, terrible pigmentation, difficult to swatch
  • Glisten (shimmery gold) - best pigmentation out of the four eyeshadows, smooth application
  • Ajax (matte black with gold glitter) - the glitter is flaky and a lot of it ends up adding to fallout, pigmentation is not impressive at all
Convertible Color:
  • Rosy (pink) - a lot pinker than I expected but nice nonetheless, felt creamier than Sakura and doesn't stain on me like Sakura does

I thought I would like this palette, but most of the eyeshadows really disappointed me. Also, I have enough dupes of the gold color that doesn't make this palette worth the 10$ even with the convertible color.

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