Monday, April 4, 2011

Bite Superfruit Butter in Blueberry

New lip product from Bite Beauty. Follow the cut for the review, more photos and swatches!

top of the packaging
front of the packaging
back of the packaging
ingredients list
close-up of the blueberry bits!
swatched heavy, light, lightest (rubbed in)

I tried out Bite's lip butter in blueberry (18$) thinking it would be scented as such, but it is not! It actually smells waxy and has no taste. The product ends up being clear and glides on smoothly. In terms of those pieces of blueberry, I couldn't really feel any when applying, and they just melt away into your lips or skin. I also like how natural the product is, how 'each fleck of color is a piece of fruit' and the look of the texture in the pot. Though the lip butter is decently moisturizing, I wasn't very impressed with it overall. I'd equate it to an expensive lip balm that is not worth keeping.

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