Sunday, April 3, 2011

Estée Lauder Soft Clean Silky Hydrating Lotion

My mom got this for me and I really like putting it on immediately after I shower. It looks like water, but feels like a watered down serum on the face. There's a light scent that I really like but don't know how to explain it very well. It's a soft clean smell that's almost floral and lingers until it dries. I love the feeling of patting it all over my face because it feels cool as it dries, but doesn't tingle or burn like other products have. Right after applying, my skin feels supple and smooth. Although, it's definitely not meant to be used alone and is a nice primer before the rest of my nighttime skincare routine. Practically, I don't think it's a necessary part to any skincare routine, it is much more like a toner than a lotion.