Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm in Lemon & Chamomile

I am totally part of the hype with this lip balm. I don't wear lip gloss or lipstick very often, so most of the time, I tend to wear Vaseline on my lips to keep them hydrated.

The lip balm is tasteless to me, unless I deliberately lick my lips and then I taste waxiness. I love the citrus smell! It doesn't linger for long after application. In terms of wear, it really lasts, even after eating I can feel remnants of the balm and I like how I can worry less about my lips drying out. Another thing (that I usually don't think about with lip products) is that it has 25 SPF, so it helps protect your lips when you're out in the sun too. The color seems clear for the most part, but does look like it is a very faint yellow. The texture is thick and you'll definitely feel that on the lips. I don't mind that aspect, but it might bother others.

There are only two things I would nitpick about this lip balm. One, is that every time you open it after the first use, the tiny piece of plastic that pokes out into the shape of the applicator hole (inside the cap) pushes out balm around the hole of the applicator. Second, is its hefty price tag. Who would willingly pay 8$ for 0.25 oz of lip balm? Plus, Sephora online just offers two kinds--this one and the original--whereas the official site has an additional four flavors I'd love to try if it weren't 30$ for lip balm! ..One day, though sometime in the future... O;)

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