Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper & Magic Dusts

I received Lime Crime's primer and two Magic Dusts for review back in February. [edit: makeup tokki no longer supports Lime Crime.] The other Magic Dusts I own have previously been reviewed here. Follow the cut for lots of photos and swatches.

adorable packaging
Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper
the cap
what it looks like new
primer swatched to the best of my ability

I actually really like the primer. Its color in the pot is nude, but applies clear once you rub it on. A little bit goes a very long way and it works great as a sticky base. Using too much can lead to some eyeshadow migration throughout the day. I love the packaging it comes in, the box and the actual primer's, especially the really cute bow decal on the top of the cap. Some people might complain that it is not in the most sanitary packaging, but I don't mind it at all. That issue is easily remedied by using clean fingers and/or brushes for application. The texture is creamy and smooth, and I prefer to use my fingers to melt it across my eyelids when applying. Plus, I like being able to see how much product I have left, which I can't say about either my Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Price wise, it is 17$ for 0.25 oz which is comparable to other primers that are 18$ for 0.34-0.35 oz of product. I like the primer best with loose eyeshadows rather than pressed ones.

Circus Girl and Shoe Addict Magic Dusts
Circus Girl

For swatches, I applied both Magic Dusts dry, then over Lime Crime's Candy Eyed primer, and wet with Liquid Sugar.

swatches of Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper, Circus Girl & Shoe Addict

Magic Dusts come packaged in little gradient colored boxes. Each one comes sealed with a sifter and are 14$ individually. Applied dry, both eyeshadows are a bit streaky and can be lumpy if you use your fingers. I prefer to use clean brushes with any loose eyeshadow, and these are no exception. The pigmentation of Circus Girl is really lovely even when it's dry. It's shimmery and feels super smooth too. The same can't be said about Shoe Addict though. Despite how dark the blue looks in the pot, I had to layer it a few times for that heavy swatch of color you see in the above photos. Also, when dry, it kind of applies like a matte shadow would and it has more of a sheen than a distinct shimmer like Circus Girl unless you stare at it up close. After cleaning off my arm, I noticed Shoe Addict left behind a light blue stain where I had applied it wet with Liquid Sugar. On the eyes, both eyeshadows last the longest when applied wet (doesn't budge) and the least when applied dry (too much fallout).

Lime Crime's official swatches of Shoe Addict

Not gonna lie, I was disappointed when I first opened up Shoe Addict because it looked nothing like the swatches from Lime Crime's official site. The light blue looks absolutely gorgeous, doesn't it? Unfortunately, Shoe Addict is a lot darker in actuality, but it is still a nice hue of blue that complements Circus Girl really well. If you made it this far into the post, perhaps you'll be pleased to find out that there will be a giveaway of all three of these products very soon!

Disclosure: Lime Crime sent these products for review upon winning a contest they had on Facebook. We receive no financial compensation for this review. All opinions and observations remain unbiased and truthful to makeup bunny's experiences with the products.

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