Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rock & Republic Contrived Pressed Blush in X-Rated

The beauty community has raved about Rock & Republic blushes so much that they were extremely hard to obtain even when in stock. HauteLook had them on sale a few times, but X-Rated was the only one I was able to get back in January. It's unfortunate that these blushes are sold out and really hard to find now, unless you scour eBay.


The packaging for X-Rated isn't very practical. It's actually pretty bulky for the product inside. Nevertheless, I find its look very appealing. The box is sealed with two stickers of the blush's name on both sides. It comes in a weighty compact with no magnetic closure that could be inconvenient for traveling.

out of its packaging (left)
each blush comes with a plastic insert
tiled logo pattern inside of the top and bottom of the packaging
light, medium & heavy swatches
X-Rated up close

The blush has that 'pressed into the pan' feeling, but it is finely milled, nicely pigmented with very minimal fallout and has lasting power. X-Rated looks really bold in the pan but swatches a lot lighter and is very buildable if you want that extra flush of color.

I was able to nab this one for the reasonable price of 16$ compared to the 40$ retail. I wish other colors would come back into stock again, but I doubt that will happen. If anyone wants to give me a blush in Call Me or any other color, I'd happily take it off your hands! har har.. :(

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