Friday, April 1, 2011

Trendsetting in Tokyo Travel Palette from Stila

front cover

back cover
when the eyeshadows were new and unused
when Sakura was new and unused (not true to color)
Sake, Kawai, Shibuya, Peace Sign, Sakura (light & heavy swatches)

This palette is cute and super affordable! At 10$ it includes a mirror, four eyeshadows and a convertible color that can be used for both the lips and face.

  • Sake (shimmery beige) - applies smoothly, good pigmentation
  • Kawai (shimmery light pink) - applies smoothly, good pigmentation
  • Shibuya (matte blue) - streaky application, hard to build up color
  • Peace Sign (slightly shimmery black) - applies like a matte shadow, not as streaky as Shibuya, hard to build up color
Convertible color:
  • Sakura (pink) - limited edition; creamy, applies smoothly, very buildable in terms of color, stains the skin a little

I don't know how I feel about actually traveling with these palettes and I question their longevity. I've had mine for a couple months now and when I took it out for photos and swatches, there was a bunch of fallout (ie. the 'back cover' photo). Also, if you take a look at the first photo that shows the inside of the palette, you can see how a chunk of Peace Sign is missing (fell out trying to swatch). In any case, even with the two somewhat lackluster eye colors, I think the palette is worth it just for the convertible color. It has decent staying power and can give a nice flush to the cheeks or add some color to the lips. Individually, one convertible color will set you back 25$ for 0.15 oz of product whereas you're getting 0.09 oz of Sakura convertible color along with four eyeshadows with this palette.

Trendsetting in Tokyo seems to be sold out at Stila's site, but it's still available at Sephora. A giveaway for this palette will be posted next week!

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