Saturday, April 23, 2011

Yes to Blueberries Intensive Skin Repair Serum

I typically find that products which promote 'all natural' ingredients do not perform as well as those that don't. Considering the three products I've tried from the Yes to Carrots brand, they are the exception to that observation.

I like to apply this serum before my nighttime lotion and after toner. Despite daily use for a couple months now, it hasn't discolored which may be due to the hygienic pump packaging. A small amount can cover my entire face and it slightly tightens the skin once it's been absorbed. It has a very faint banana color to it, and there is a soft smell of blueberries when applied that dissipates. After my JUARA experience, I'm really impressed that texture-wise it hasn't changed at all. The feeling of it on the skin is comparable to a light, watered down lotion that dries clear and quickly.

The serum is normally 20$ on the site, but in honor of Earth Week, Yes to Carrots is currently offering a promotion of 25% off your purchase with code Earth. Ends tomorrow, April 24th!

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