Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fresh Magic Wands Mini Mascara Duo

I'm not too big on offering in-depth reviews on mascaras (and perfumes) because I don't think I can describe them very well. Although, I hope packaging photos will at least help someone out there. This is just a simple review for the Fresh Mini Mascara Duo from Sephora.

I really wish more makeup came in smaller sizes. It's great being able to sample mascaras that go for 25$ individually at full-size. Plus, it makes them so travel-friendly!

back of packaging
ingredient list for Firebird (top) and Supernova (bottom) mascaras

I like both mascaras though I don't think there's anything particular to mention about either of them. Firebird has a cone-shaped brush whereas Supernova has a twisted rounded one. They don't seem to flake or smudge too much. I like using them together to really make my lashes stand out.

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