Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Out of this World by Orly

I only just recently got back into nail polish and it's been kind of exciting! I have my friend Paige and Frank to thank for that. ;D I stopped playing with nail polishes more than ten years ago because I'd drive myself crazy from all the imperfections. Plus, my left hand is terribly lacking in any sort of dexterity and that would be always quite frustrating. Anyway, I'm slowly creating a small collection now so you should be seeing more nail polishes here.

bottom of the bottle

I don't know much about nail polishes so my reviews won't be as good as other bloggers, but that's okay. I will do my best!

two coats

Out of this World is a dark purple color with purple glitter on the nails. I really like how the color looks in the bottle and was a little disappointed that it didn't completely transfer on my nails. There's a cool duochrome if you look at the bottle, but I just didn't see the gold sheen show up. I will try again in the future though. I do really like the soft cap and the feel of it when I grip it.