Monday, May 30, 2011

Stila Backstage Eye Shadow Palette

quote on the inside of the cover

This palette has been around since last year so it's out of stock at Sephora and Stila's website but it is available at Beauty Bar--use code TOKKI if you'd like to help me out! Also, I have one or two of these palettes to giveaway but I haven't decided how or when to yet. Please give me some ideas~

textured floral pattern on the front
back of the palette
swatches (left to right): Chiffon, Flamingo, Pacific, Luster, Poetic, Coal

I have nothing negative to say about this palette other than maybe its packaging. It feels like it's made out of paper and cardboard which isn't very sturdy for constant use and wear, but I don't really find that a problem. It'll be fine if you are gentle with it. Otherwise, the colors of this palette make it one of my favorites.

  • Chiffon - pale peachy pink with buttery application
  • Flamingo - bright pink with a very light purple sheen similar to OCC's Noise
  • Pacific - nice blue with a brighter blue sheen to it; isn't as pigmented as I'd like
  • Luster - very pretty duochrome that is like a berry purple; has a golden sheen under light
  • Poetic - mauve lavender
  • Coal - pretty blue with teal sheen under light

I love the bottom three shades of the palette, they're very pigmented, have wonderful application and are so different from anything else I own. Luster doesn't look like anything special in the pan, but can be very pretty on the skin. The next two photos are of the same swatches at different angles to show you how the last three shades can appear under lighting.