Thursday, May 26, 2011

tokidoki Gelato Lip Stain in Donutella

Here is another addition to my tokidoki makeup collection! I love collecting anything with Donutella on it and that was the main reason I got this lip stain. There are tons of photos after the cut because I wanted to show you all the cute designs on it!

tokidoki packaging is so cute
Adios Star on the inner tube
other side of cover
shrink wrap remnants that didn't come off :(

I wasn't expecting much out of this lip stain since I mainly got it for the collection factor, but the wear is okay. The description for Donutella is listed as a "peach with melon flavor" but I'm not sure I agree with that. For me, it definitely looks and wears pink than peachy and there's a fruity scent that will linger for a bit after applying, but it doesn't seem like the smell is specifically melon. It does have a "sheer coral strawberry stain" though that will give a nice flush and shiny sheen to the lips. One aspect I would change is the tip to a slight slant or taper it for better application. It feels like a fat chapstick and the flat top makes me search for a mirror if I want to apply it straight from the tube so I won't be (unintentionally) sloppy. It's very inconvenient to have to worry about not 'coloring outside the lines.' Also, it originally came sealed with shrink-wrap that had the ingredients on it. It's annoying to have part of the wrapper still stuck on the cover because it didn't come off completely and I didn't get to photograph/don't know most of the ingredients. Expensively priced at 9$ individually, the lip stain is otherwise decent but probably not worth the buy.

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