Sunday, May 22, 2011

Traveling Sephora Box {Update}

Back in January I started TSB 14, the fourteenth Traveling Sephora Box in hopes that I could be part of a fun snail mail venture with other girls who like makeup. This was not the case for me and I wish I didn't start such a nice box for ungrateful and dishonest strangers.

Hypothetically, a Traveling Sephora Box is a bigger version of a makeup swap. A reused Sephora box is full of makeup that is mailed out to different girls who have signed up to be part of a particular box. The rules of the box are usually more specific to each owner of the starter box, but they are generally similar to the following. Only new and unused or cleanly swatched makeup and mid-high end (not necessarily Sephora) products are allowed to be put in; swap fairly, meaning do not put in a cheap lotion if you took out an expensive eyeshadow; be responsible and have fun. I don't understand what's wrong with people. How hard is it to play fair? Don't be a part of something you shouldn't be a part of in the first place. I guess it was naive and foolish of me to even trust 14 other girls not to get greedy with nice makeup. It is regretful that I could've used everything to instead giveaway on my blog to people who at least seemingly appreciate what I do.

It took about four months to make it around to thirteen other girls. Now, this is not including myself and the last girl on the list because apparently she has 'stolen' a box before.

For some reason, I didn't get updates from facebook for nearly a month before I realized that the second to last girl had already messaged me about what she should do with the box. Later, I found out that she did not donate anything (like she had suggested) and instead started a new box with the "few good things that were left." Granted, the girl did apologize, but I was still a bit upset that I didn't even get to receive the box back just to take photographs. Upon receiving it, I hoped to start another one afterwards. The girl offered to send me some things or put me on the list for the box she had started. I passed on the latter and haven't heard anything from her since.

I received TSB 15 during the first week of May and it was terrible. There wasn't anything from Sephora when the box got to me, or a lot of stuff to choose from. Most items were open and used (dirty), and nothing in there was even mid-level makeup. I felt like I was going through a garbage can of unwanted makeup. Originally I had signed up for that one in case my box fell through. I really wish I didn't have such high hopes for either of these boxes though. I ended up spending more on the postage and what I put into the box than what I took out. I don't know. I just felt obligated to take something since I wanted to be a part of it so badly.

I hoped that if I started a nice box, people would pay it forward, but it just seems like people get really greedy, take advantage of another person's generosity, and use the traveling boxes to get rid of used makeup they don't want anymore. Was it wrong of me to even expect people to at least be fair? I simply put too much hope in something like this, and am left feeling cheated and severely disappointed. Never again.

Don't trust strangers with makeup, folks.

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