Monday, June 20, 2011

Shot of the Day {Update}

Dear readers
I don't know if you've noticed, but it's been pretty quiet this past week here at makeup tokki. I haven't been able to update and I'm not sure when I will be back. My laptop has been on the fritz lately and my brother has been working to revive it. Most of my stuff is backed up on a harddrive but there are still plenty of products shots and swatches that I want try saving before a reformat. Plus, last week was depressingly filled with a lot of personal frustrations and my motivation to keep updating has dwindled down from severe discouragement. Practically speaking, it doesn't help that I still don't have a steady paying job so I can keep up with this little hobby of mine. Funds are seriously lacking in terms of being able to purchase new products to experiment with. I know that if I really did it for the love of beauty, I'd find a way to support this habit (like I have thus far), but too many things are uncertain at this point in time. I do hope to continue, but it will likely be less consistent and slow. Anyway, I just wanted that to be known in case anyone was wondering. Thanks for reading as long as you have, and virtual hugs go out to those who will continue to stick around. ♡

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Loella

most accurate photo of the color I could manage
you can kind of see the duochrome on the nails here

Loella is supposed to be a shimmery candy pink but doesn't have too much shimmer in my opinion. It does have a glossy finish and looks like it'd have a fuchsia duochrome, but that aspect of the polish is much less apparent than I'd like it to be. Also, it was very difficult to capture the color on my nails properly. I included extra photos with different lighting with the hope that they give you an idea of what the color looks like on me.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Stila Backstage Palette Giveaway!

It's time for another giveaway! It's another Stila one and it's one of my favorite palettes. Rules are under the cut.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

The ever coveted Naked Palette from Urban Decay! It is much less crazed over now that they manufacture them faster. The original came with a double-ended eyeliner and was priced at 44$ while the current one comes with a Good Karma Shadow Brush and is four dollars more. Below are swatches and more photos of the palette and both version's extras. The only part missing will be the mini genie bottle of original Primer Potion that comes with it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I named this look after I entered Audrey's Julep giveaway--which I was a winner of! :) There's a fuchsia/hot pink nail color called Helena that would totally match my lips from this shoot. Back in high school I used to like a My Chemical Romance song titled with the same name and I'm totally sporting giant headphones, so that's seemingly related, right?

Eve Pearl Kisses of Pearl Lip Gloss Combo in Baby Doll & Honey Bunny

Baby Doll

I'm not a big fan of lip products that are meant to plump your lips since I don't like the feeling of them. It's nice being able to say that this gloss combo is an exception for me.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shot of the Day

Sugarpill Chromalusts

I ♥ Sugarpill! This post will show you most of the loose eyeshadows I own. My collection is almost complete with the exception of Tiara and Starling--both of which I hope to get eventually. If I recall correctly, there's a firetruck red color called Asylum but I haven't seen it for a while and don't know what happened. Also, I didn't have Decora when I photographed these so that one will be missing from this post too. Otherwise, I hope you'll enjoy these beautiful colors made with love by Amy.

Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel in 77 from Inglot

I absolutely love this eyeliner. This one's just the matte black (#77) but now I want so many of the colors and would seriously be happy never buying any other gel liner again as long as I could have these. At 12$ for 0.19 oz, they're affordable to boot!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

tokidoki Robbery Palette

This is an older palette similar to the Sodashop one but was released sometime last year. I finally got around to posting about it. This is a hefty post full of photos after the cut!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Faye by Zoya

First Zoya polish for me! Faye is a pretty berry purple with a golden duochrome under light. I haven't had any problems with chipping after two coats (no base or top) this week.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Urban Decay Liquid Liners in Crash & Honey

I actually really like these liquid liners, the colors are vibrant and their staying power is amazing. It's just that they burn the skin around my eyes that I can't bring myself to use them anymore.

Benefit CORALista

A while back I got this sample of CORALista blush from Benefit using up a 100-point perk online at Sephora. I love being able to try products I've heard so much about without having to spend the money (or at least pretend like I'm not spending it).

JUARA Avocado Banana Moisture Mask

I gotta say, JUARA products are way too expensive to buy regularly if you don't get them on sale or discounted through HauteLook. I've been getting into masks lately and have been using this one for the past three weeks.