Friday, June 3, 2011

JUARA Avocado Banana Moisture Mask

I gotta say, JUARA products are way too expensive to buy regularly if you don't get them on sale or discounted through HauteLook. I've been getting into masks lately and have been using this one for the past three weeks.

The mask is thick and very creamy with a reminiscent avocado scent. There's also a hint of some mint-like smell that I can't quite describe and I don't really smell much banana. It is a light green color and applies nicely. On my face, it feels very cool, almost like it's burning but that doesn't seem to irritate my skin. I only use the mask up to two times a week and it is decent. My skin feels hydrated and supple after rinsing it off but that feeling doesn't last for more than a couple hours. I like how natural it feels on my face and a lot of it dries up while I have it on. When time comes to rinse it off, it feels slippery, but my skin feels nice and soft. Another great aspect of this mask is that it can be used as a hair mask too! I think I actually prefer to use it as a hair mask. I leave some in for a while after shampooing and it leaves my hair feeling really soft and smooth. The inconvenience with that though is trying not to get water droplets into the container whilst in the shower!

swatched on my wrist

I wish this mask wasn't so expensive (37$ for 4 oz) since that's what will hold me back from getting it again. Plus, I wouldn't want to use it for long hair too often since you'd have to waste so much in one use. Otherwise, this is a good hydrating mask that I enjoy.

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