Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sugarpill Chromalusts

I ♥ Sugarpill! This post will show you most of the loose eyeshadows I own. My collection is almost complete with the exception of Tiara and Starling--both of which I hope to get eventually. If I recall correctly, there's a firetruck red color called Asylum but I haven't seen it for a while and don't know what happened. Also, I didn't have Decora when I photographed these so that one will be missing from this post too. Otherwise, I hope you'll enjoy these beautiful colors made with love by Amy.

Absinthe, Birthday Girl, Darling & Goldilux (top)
Magentric, Magpie, Paperdoll & Royal Sugar (bottom)
Hysteric, Junebug & Lumi (top)
Stella, Tipsy & Weekender (bottom)
Royal Sugar

As always, you can click through to embiggen any of the photographs. ✽

swatches (left to right): Paperdoll, Royal Sugar, Stella, Tipsy & Weekender
Magentric, Magpie, Paperdoll, Royal Sugar, Stella, Tipsy & Weekender (left to right)

I've mentioned this before, but all of Sugarpill's eyeshadows are pigmented and pack lots of color whether they're used dry or wet. These all have a shimmery luster to them, feel velvety smooth, and have lasting wear time. I didn't focus too much on packaging since this post is already a bit full from the different colors, but as a customer, I feel like there was so much time and care put into each individual product. Whether it's the printed logo (instead of a sticker) on the lids, the generous packaging, the little decals specific to each name, or the color lineup offered--Sugarpill Chromalusts are simply wonderful.

Plus, given what you receive in terms of the quality and amount of product, 12$ for 5 grams is priced fairly and is way affordable compared to major labels. I should mention that I purchased all of my Sugarpill loose shadows discounted either during an awesome sale (20-30% off!) at the official site or from Shana Logic.

  • Magentric - dark bright hot pink/magenta
  • Magpie - absolutely gorgeous dark blue with a lighter sheen and turquoise sparkle
  • Paperdoll - soft lavender
  • Royal Sugar - brilliant blue
  • Stella - black with multicolored sparkle 
  • Tipsy - light green
  • Weekender - blue-purple with what looks like silver sparkle 

Absinthe, Birthday Girl, Darling, Goldilux, Hysteric, Junebug & Lumi (left to right)

  • Absinthe - lime green
  • Birthday Girl - light pink
  • Darling - teal
  • Goldilux - the prettiest metallic gold you will ever see
  • Hysteric - purple
  • Junebug - forest green
  • Lumi - versatile color that can be white with teal reflects or a gorgeous teal-blue when used over a dark base

Darling, Goldilux, Hysteric, Junebug & Lumi
I heart Sugarpill

Aren't the names lovely? I still can't get over how appropriate they are to their respective colors. It's such a lovely aspect of the thoughtfulness behind the brand. All the colors are so pretty and complement each other really well. I like using the darker colors wet as eyeliner and though I enjoy the entire range, my favorites are Lumi, Magpie, Royal Sugar, and Stella.

When I get around to posting Decora, I'll add photos of the cute girly packaging loose eyeshadows come housed in.

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