Tuesday, June 7, 2011

tokidoki Robbery Palette

This is an older palette similar to the Sodashop one but was released sometime last year. I finally got around to posting about it. This is a hefty post full of photos after the cut!

One of my favorite things about these palettes is how they come in reusable (and cute!) tin box packaging. This one wins in terms of value over the Sodashop palette for having just a few more uses in my opinion. Since it comes with three individual palettes, they're convenient for traveling or being split amongst your friends. Also, there's one big magnet instead of a sheet of little ones that come with the Sodashop palette.

(removable) inside packaging without the 3 palettes
Royal Pride, Arlecchino & Rapina palettes
backs of the 3 palettes

A lot of the eyeshadows and cheek products have wonderful pigmentation. Most are shimmery but the mattes are decent too! I especially adore how each of the palettes have a matching color scheme to its overall pattern.

Royal Pride 
Lion Pappa, Savana, Ercolino, Bulletto & Royal Pride bronzer

Royal Pride Palette
  • Lion Pappa - bronze gold, very pigmented
  • Savana - yellow gold, less pigmented than Lion Pappa, but swatches well in two layers
  • Ercolino - rusty copper, pigmentation like Savana
  • Bulleto - shimmery dark brown
  • Royal Pride - light tan bronzer, suitable for pale skinned people like me

Lion Pappa, Savana & Ercolino
Savana, Ercolino & Bulleto
Soya, Candy Cane, Ninja Dog, Meteo & Momobella blush

Arlecchino Palette
  • Soya - one of the least pigmented, lime green sheen reminds me of Sugarpill's Absinthe
  • Candy Cane - very shimmery white, some fallout
  • Ninja Dog - shimmery dark blue with light blue sheen under light, like Soya in terms of pigmentation and is probably the most disappointing color for me
  • Meteo - navy blue, one of the few mattes, some fallout
  • Momobella - peach blush with fine gold glitter throughout, some fallout

Soya, Candy Cane, Ninja Dog, Meteo & Momobella blush
Candy Cane, Ninja Dog & Meteo
Liberty, Bullets, LA Gun, Adios & Polpettina blush

Rapina Palette
  • Liberty - dark green with a light green and golden sheen under light that is very pretty, like Savana in terms of pigmentation
  • Bullets - dark silver, very pigmented
  • LA Gun - similar to Lime Crime's Medusa (which is a black with dark blue sheen) but with the blue being much more apparent under light
  • Adios - matte black with decent pigmentation in double layered swatch, and surprisingly does not have much fallout compared to what I was expecting with the particular color
  • Polpettina - redder blush than Momobella but with silver sparkle instead of gold, definitely doesn't have as much fallout as the other blush

Liberty, Bullets & LA Gun
 Bullets, LA Gun & Adios

I think this palette is worth the money even at full price so you may be happy to know that it's on sale (for less than 40$) along with the Sodashop palette (at 35$) now. The colors are fun, go together well, and most have great pigmentation with tolerable fallout. Rapina is my favorite palette of the three mainly because of Liberty and LA Gun. I don't even normally like greens but I love the subtle golden sheen throughout Liberty. 

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