Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ki by Zoya

You know, I might've overdone it with all the photos I included in this post of Zoya's Ki (8$). It's such an amazing color that I couldn't stop photographing it. It's exciting to realize the duochrome you see in the bottle translates so well onto the nails and quite flawlessly at that.

Ki has that 'oil slick' glisten where every angle has varying amounts of visible green and purple hues. Sometimes the lacquer will look like a simple purple but even then it has a pink sheen to it. And when it looks more green, there's a golden sheen. Anyway, both of these sheens are very subtle and were far too difficult (for me) to capture on camera. I hope these nail swatches do Ki justice though because there are certain details about this color that can only be appreciated up close in person.

almost all purple!
I think this photo captures the duochrome of Ki best

tokki rating
: A

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