Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MAC Expensive Pink

I don't have a lot of experience with MAC so my knowledge of their makeup is rather limited. This one actually belongs to my friend Katrina, she just let me borrow it.

Expensive Pink (15$) is a permanent Veluxe Pearl finish eyeshadow that is a reddish coral with a golden sheen. The color is so pigmented and smooth in application that swatching it was done with great ease. There was no fallout, and the texture is quite silky both in the pan and on the skin. It blends well by itself and with other eyeshadows and could definitely double as a shimmery blush. Swatches with various lighting were added to show what the color can look like.

the golden sheen is more obvious here

Compared to other pearl finish eyeshadows I've tried, Expensive Pink felt a little creamier in terms of application. Otherwise, it applies just as smoothly with substantial pigmentation and lasting wear. I have to admit, I can (sort of) understand the hype surrounding MAC after just sampling this one eyeshadow.

tokki rating: A

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