Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rockstar Angel Cuff Earring Set from He Qi Crystal Designs

The earrings I wore in my Soft Sugar look were handmade by Lisa of He Qi Crystal Designs. I love wing themed jewelry and wanted these for a long time before I was finally able to purchase them.

They come packaged in a small jewelry box that's labeled with a HQCD sticker. I haven't asked for any custom orders, but Lisa seems very open to them. The site is easy to navigate and already has photographs that showcase the jewelry pieces well and I didn't have any problems with ordering. There was a shipping notification email for tracking and I got my earrings in a typical time frame.

card backing for the earrings
box they came in
right earring and cuff on the ear
close-up of the cuff
left earring (on the right)

I like that Lisa doesn't use cheaper materials. If you couldn't tell, the wing charms are grooved on both sides, whereas cheaper ones might only be printed on one side. Plus, item descriptions are moderately thorough as to what goes into a pair of earrings.

I ordered my earring set back in March when they were designed with studs, which I prefer. From their appearance, these earrings might look heavy or uncomfortable, but they're rather lightweight and aren't very difficult to wear. The cuff part of the set can be a struggle to work with, but once its on the appropriate part of my ear, it's trouble-free. They are one of my favorite pair of earrings that I like to wear for a little flair without feeling too dramatic.

Although my pair are studs, the new hooked style earrings should be available again for 33$ at Lisa's online shop. I recommend following the HQCD blog or twitter for giveaways and discount notifications. Speaking of which, she's currently having 10% off with code 10clear until tomorrow!

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