Wednesday, August 24, 2011

St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub

This has been my favorite facial scrub for at least six months now. I have very sensitive skin and this cleanser is gentle enough to use almost daily.

sorry for the scrubby label residue on the back--it was really stuck on there! >.<"

I've been with St. Ives products since I was in middle school and used to use their apricot scrub for years until it started drying me out too much. I had been with the brand for so long that didn't want to give it up. I like exfoliating my face a couple times a week and never really liked other facial scrubs as much. For me, I thin
k the granules are more refined than the ones in the apricot one, so maybe that's why it's gentler.

I apologize in advance for the look of the scrub on my wrist. It's difficult to make a scrub look appealing.

ingredient list

The scrub does have a green tea scent that smells good and isn't overpowering. Texture wise, the scrub kind of feels like watery sand. It's grainy too, but isn't harsh on the skin nor does it hurt. I should mention that the scrub is meant to be an acne clearing scrub. It's true that I haven't had a pimple in a while, but I don't have too many problems with acne to begin with, so I don't think I'm a reliable judge in regards to that. My face can get oily sometimes, so I like that it's oil-free and hypoallergenic. After exfoliating, my skin feels supple and clean. My favorite aspect about this scrub is that it's only about 5-6$ at drugstores or places like Walgreens.

tokki rating
: A+

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