Monday, August 22, 2011

Stila Make Me Blush

Talk about an overdue review! This Stila blush is from February so I doubt it's officially in stock anywhere, but I wanted to post about it for my archives. I remember it being really affordable (like 14$ or something).

rubbed off overspray over "I heart you"
swatches with the most overspray then gradually without the overspray (left to right)
close-up of the overspray and blush
close-up of the compact with the overspray (to show texture)

Make Me Blush is very lightweight and comes in a nice, thin compact. There was a golden overspray that came off within the first few uses. I actually used up most of the overspray to take swatches and now I'm left with a wonderful pink blush. Sometimes it almost looks coral on the skin, but remains very pink. The texture is kind of powdery (but with very minimal fallout) and feels smooth. Application has a lot of color payoff without feeling like you're wasting product. Without the overspray it's not too shimmery which I like for that pink flushed look.

tokki rating: A-

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