Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Victoriana by butter LONDON

Victoriana is a pale peacock blue nail color from butter LONDON that's packed full of silver micro glitter.

It is 14$ and is described as:
"A textured twinkling vintage blue pale and slightly smoky. Things reminiscent of the Victorian era, such as corsets, top hats and Syphilis."
Application was easy and the color was opaque within two coats. I want to note that the first coat can apply somewhat streaky so two coats was a must for me. Otherwise, the lacquer dries decently quick and despite how some of nail swatches may appear, the texture of dry, finished nails is quite smooth and does not feel gritty at all.

The particular aspect about butter LONDON nail lacquers is their packaging. They come in skinny box-like glass bottles that have rectangular caps. At first I was worried that I'd have trouble applying with a cap so wide, but it's just a cover for aesthetics. The real cap is hidden beneath it, is a bit smaller and shorter than an Essie one, and is grooved all around for an easy-grip. What I like about the aesthetic cap is that it isn't exclusively for appearances. If needed, it can be re-positioned to help you open the bottle with ease.

Next time I review another butter LONDON lacquer, I'll try to post a video with it so you can see what I mean about the aesthetic cap!

tokki rating: A

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