Friday, September 2, 2011

Lens Get Gorgeous Ring from ModCloth

(yay, Korea!)

I had never ordered from ModCloth before, so this was my first experience shopping with them. This is a cute, black 10$ ring called Lens Get Gorgeous.

on my left ring finger
this pic looks so weird, I would be a terrible hand model

The ring is small, very lightweight, and comfortable. The weight distribution is a little odd to get used to as the sides are a lot lighter than the frame part of the ring. It originally fit tightly on my ring finger, but I readjusted it to fit my middle one. Although it's supposed to be adjustable, I wouldn't mess around with re-sizing it too often which might make the inner metal more brittle. The ring is coated with what feels like smooth, flexible plastic.

The ring is small, so shipping was really expensive for what I got, but it is a fair flate rate if you were to order more items. I got my order very promptly within two days of ordering it. I should mention that when I initially wanted to order it, I couldn't add the ring to my wishlist or request to be on the restock notification list. I reached out to the Live Chat for help, and the lady on the other end was so friendly! I really wish I remembered her name so I could mention it, but she was very responsive and helpful. After chatting with her, I was able to order the ring the following day.

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