Saturday, September 10, 2011

One Piece Sailors Lovers Ring from Soy Fashion

I was browsing Soy Fashion back in June when I saw these One Piece rings and felt like I had to get them. One Piece is one of my favorite mangas and I like nautical themed jewelry.

For 12$, you get two lightweight rings, one with an anchor charm and the other with a ship wheel. Since there are two rings, you can keep both for yourself or share one with a friend. They come packaged in a box that's adorned with One Piece characters and their pirate logo (on the bottom).

side of the box
open box and cover
bottom of the box

There's no mention of the ring size on the site, but I'd say that perhaps they're about a size 7 or so because they fit on my index fingers rather snug. The bands of both rings are sleek all around, comfortable, and fit nicely without that worry of stacked rings separating while worn. Of course they can be worn individually, but I personally think that looks less appealing with the bands being so thin.

anchor ring on index finger
ship wheel ring on index finger
rings worn together on index finger

I am absolutely addicted to collecting rings and finding nice ones that are affordable as well is something to rave about. I don't know what the rings are made of, but I haven't experienced any discolorations whether it's on my skin or on the rings themselves. Maybe they're metal and/or plastic--I'm not sure. The only nitpick I have about these is that I would prefer to see a few more details on the listing. Obviously just some aspects like what they're made out of and an approximate ring size for future customers. It's not a real complaint though, I really love these rings and am very pleased with them.

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