Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pressed Eyeshadows featuring Aromaleigh, Fyrinnae, OCC, and Sugarpill

UNII Palette (left) and Freestyle Palette (right)

A while back, I spent quite some time on pressing some loose eyeshadows that I own. I like crafting in general (cross-stitching and scrapbooking), but I did not know it would be so time consuming!

Products used:

I messed up a lot--augh, and wasted product--trying different methods, but in the end, I like the combination of pressing medium mixed with either MAC Fix+ or Liquid Sugar. The pressing medium from TKB is thick and syrupy, so I had a hard time mixing it without losing pigment from fallout. Overall, it was a good experience for me and I totally respect handcrafted cosmetics a lot more now.

OCC & Sugarpill:

The first palette is from UNII and it holds Sugarpill colors aside from the two from OCC (which are the first two in the top row). Since I've already reviewed and swatched these loose eyeshadows on their own, I figured I'd just focus on the Aromaleigh and Fyrinnae ones. Also, I need to redo some of my Sugarpill colors anyway because they were the first ones I attempted and the end result for some of them is not as good as I'd hoped.

    Cupid's Arrow, When Time Stops, Aparacium, Obliviate, Crucio, and The Wrong Alice (top row)

    Aromaleigh & Fyrinnae:

    I hope you're ready for a serious swatchfest of these colors!

    Aromaleigh: Cupid's Arrow, When Time Stops, Aparacium, Obliviate, Crucio, and The Wrong Alice

    • Cupid's Arrow - alil gritty, silvery taupe
    • When Time Stops - really smooth, buttery application, dark purple with iridescent and purple sparkles
    • Aparacium - pale blue-gray with golden sheen and dark blue glitter throughout
    • Obliviate - fuchsia purple with pink and purple sparkles
    • Crucio - glittery cranberry red, stains
    • The Wrong Alice - glittery blue

    When Time Stops, Aparacium, and Obliviate
    Aparacium, Obliviate, Crucio, and the Wrong Alice
    Aparacium (focused)
    Crucio (focused)
    Obliviate (focused)
    Aromaleigh: Pass the Tarts, Rose Colored Glasses, Silencio, Impervious, and Nox (second row)

    • Pass the Tarts - cranberry red, iridescent glitter; doesn't stain
    • Rose Colored Glasses - buttery smooth, pink with fuchsia sparkles
    • Silencio - pale gray with golden yellow sheen
    • Impervious - glittery gray-blue
    • Nox - black-gray with iridescent glitter, reminds me of Sugarpill's Stella

    Pass the Tarts (focused)
    Rose Colored Glasses (focused)
    Silencio (focused)
    Nox (focused)
    Pass the Tarts, Rose Colored Glasses, Silencio, Impervious, and Nox
    Silencio, Impervious, and Nox
    Fyrinnae: Wicked, Herbivore, Conjuror, Candy Coated, and Sorceress (bottom row)

    • Wicked - dark blue (almost black) base color with pretty cerulean sheen
    • Herbivore - pale lavender with a silvery sheen
    • Conjuror - burgundy with bright teal/green sheen (duochrome)
    • Candy Coated - richest cranberry ever, so pigmented, cranberry sheen
    • Sorceress - very similar to Wicked, black base, slightly darker blue sheen, duochromes purple (Too Faced Midnight Mist)

    Wicked, Herbivore, Conjuror, Candy Coated, and Sorceress
    Wicked and Herbivore
    Herbivore, Conjuror and Candy Coated
    Wicked, Herbivore, Conjuror, Candy Coated, and Sorceress
    Candy Coated (focused)
    Conjuror (focused)
    Herbivore (focused)

    When I was swatching the Fyrinnae colors, it reignited my love for them. I had forgotten how amazing the colors are. Each one has so much dimension that isn't typical of eyeshadow in general. Also, I was pretty proud of myself for not ruining the color payoff for both Aromaleigh (discontinued shop) and Fyrinnae eyeshadows since I had much less room to mess those up.

    Anyway, I hope you like these swatches! I advise to take my short reviewing with a grain of salt since these eyeshadows were pressed by me and don't completely reflect the products on their own. I still have other colors (in loose form) I haven't swatched yet, so I'll post those eventually too.

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