Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rock & Republic Luxe Lip Gloss in Muse

Back when I was more aggressive about collecting Rock & Republic eye colours, I decided to try out one of their lip glosses on a whim. It was about 8$ for what usually went for about 26-28$ retail.

The packaging of course, I love. The tube of lip gloss is thick and comes with a doe foot applicator. The gloss itself doesn't taste like anything, but it smells like vanilla. I do wish that I got bolder shades to really test out color and wear since Muse is rather sheer on the lips. Application is smooth, and the gloss doesn't feel sticky. It's moisturizing and feels slightly cushy too. Since there's not much color payoff on the lips, it's great worn alone for that simple high gloss look or for layering on top of other lip products. I get decent wear through eating and drinking with Muse. While I don't get that desperate, must-reapply-immediately feeling afterwards, I do eventually reapply after eating and drinking.

My few quibbles with this lip gloss deal with its packaging. First off, the location on the actual tube says "made in USA," whereas the box packaging says "made in Canada." So it made me wonder if I'm supposed to assume that just the packaging was made in Canada and the product itself was American made. Another minor bit is the black part of cap. It looks like a shiny paper sticker similar to the material that their eye colors and blush packaging comes in. On the gloss cap, it looks cheap. I should point out that I haven't had any problems with it tearing or anything like that, it is just a personal complaint. Also, if I didn't get this from HauteLook, I probably wouldn't have gotten it otherwise. Perhaps I'll try to pick up a few more colors if these glosses show up again.

tokki rating: A

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