Friday, September 9, 2011

Sun Moon Stars Trio Eyeshadow in Paradise Love from Vincent Longo

I picked this trio from a HauteLook sale and mildly regret doing so. I thought the packaging was really pretty and couldn't resist. ಠ_ಠ

Other than the impracticality of having three shades in one undivided pan, I still really like the packaging. The box has a hole in the back for you to see the listed ingredients. Plus, that list stays on the product so you don't have to look up ingredients worrying about what the eyeshadows may contain. The raised patterns of the sun, moon, and stars look nice too.

back of the box with a hole to see ingredients
swatches (from left to right): Moon, Stars, Sun

  • Moon - dark bluish teal, very slight sheen
  • Stars - matte navy blue
  • Sun - pale nude, most pigmented of the three

ingredient list

Both the Moon and Star shades are supposed to have "a subtle pearl finish," but the sheen is so subtle that it's practically nonexistent. I really had to look for it in the Moon color and I can't even see it in the other two. Swatching the colors was equally as frustrating. They were definitely not "highly pigmented" and a single layered swatch looked pathetic. Moon and Stars applied terribly streaky, and Sun was the only one to have a powdery, but tolerable application. I had to pack on several layers just to get the swatches you see above. There was very little fallout, but the eyeshadows were difficult to work with.

Please note that the next three swatch photos are not accurate in terms of the color and vibrancy of the eyeshadows, I just wanted to show texture.

Moon (focused)
Stars (focused)
Sun (focused)

Since I had gotten my trio for about 10$ through HauteLook, I went to look up the product description at the official website. I think it's a little ridiculous that one trio is 30$ { ?! } when the color payoff is so poor. I would't have paid 5$ if I knew I'd be getting this kind of quality.

tokki rating
: D-

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