Monday, September 12, 2011

Urban Decay Afterglow Powder Blush in Score

Score was another HauteLook purchase from back in March. It was 5$ for 0.13 oz of product and is a great blush. People who don't like talc in their blushes should stay away though, as it is the first listed ingredient.

closed compact

Score has smooth application with very minimal fallout. It is a shimmery peach color that has a golden sheen similar to NARS Orgasm. In terms of wear, it goes for almost as long as my go-to blush Who's Your Poppy? from Too Faced.

open compact

Unlike Urban Decay eyeshadows, Score came packaged in a cardboard box which is much more environmentally friendly. The compact clicks closed and is rather small, as it is just a bit bigger than a single eyeshadow.

Score next to an Urban Decay matte eyeshadow for size reference
ingredient list

The blush seemed like a familiar shade so I decided to compare it to NARS Orgasm (O) and Who's Your Poppy? (W).

swatches (from left to right): Orgasm, Score, and Who's Your Poppy?
Orgasm (focused)
Who's Your Poppy? (right)
Score (focused)
Orgasm (focused)

As you can see, Orgasm is the pinkest whereas Score and Who's Your Poppy? are decent dupes of each other. However, I want to say that the latter is just slightly pinker than Score is. Although this blush from Urban Decay is another version of a common blush color, I still like it. The small size makes it perfect for travel, and the product itself performs well too.

tokki rating: A

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