Sunday, September 11, 2011

Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadows in Electric, Chronic, and Narcotic

Get ready for the Urban Decay sale on HauteLook tomorrow morning! I thought it might be helpful to post some reviews and swatches in case you decide to indulge. I got these three matte eyeshadows from HauteLook myself, so maybe they'll show up again.


  • Electric - bright matte blue; really smooth application; has a slight chalkiness that is acceptable (since most mattes are) and worth the color payoff


  • Chronic - similar to Electric in terms of texture and application, except that it is a bright lime green


  • Narcotic - I'd say this color was the worst of the three (it was also the cheapest at a mere 2$ for an eyeshadow that's usually 17$); applied a little streaky, and it needed a couple extra layers to get the amount of pigmentation that was comparable to the other two mattes

swatches (from left to right): Electric, Chronic, and Narcotic
Electric (focused, on left)
Chronic (focused)
Electric, Chronic, and Narcotic

These mattes by Urban Decay are done right; all three have great color payoff, are easily blendable, and were either 2$ or 5$ each! I definitely recommend trying out a matte eyeshadow for yourself, I'm glad I didn't just brush them off like I originally planned to.

ingredient lists for Electric, Chronic, and Narcotic

Try to get there early if you want to shop. From my experience, all the 'good stuff' tends to sell out before noon when there's an Urban Decay sale. If you don't feel like dealing with the rush at HauteLook tomorrown, the official site lists both Electric and Chronic at 3$ a piece.

tokki rating: A

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