Friday, October 14, 2011

Little Wing False Lashes from Urban Decay

Urban Lash falsies from Urban Decay go for 15$ a pair. It's a little pricey, but their lashes are well-made, durable, and come with great lash glue. Other lashes I have include Instaglam Technicolor and HBIC, but I've only tried the latter of those two as of yet.

Little Wing lashes are made of flared black and blue lashes along a black band. They typically just look blue when worn and they're durable for several uses. Despite the price tag, Urban Decay lashes are some of my favorite ones to use precisely because of their longevity from repeated use. They're synthetic, soft, and rather lightweight.

ingredients for lash glue

I have to say, after trying the HBIC lashes last year, UD's eyelash glue and applicator is probably my favorite to date. I'd actually buy more tubes of it separately if I could.

made in Korea! (aww yeah)

tokki rating: A

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