Saturday, October 15, 2011

ManGlaze Mink Mitten

Mink Mitten is a color from the new FAiL Collection ManGlaze released about a month ago. It's become my favorite matte nail polish ever, and I don't proclaim that lightly. The label art will be changing from this plastic stickered version I have, so you probably won't be seeing this exact one if you decide to pick it up. And if you're going to shop, don't forget to do it through their facebook for 10% off.

ManGlaze gives out matte black guitar picks, shiny gold business cards, and stickers (I forgot to take pictures of) along with their orders. They all have crazy ManGlazesque art designed on them too.

Mink Mitten is described as a "metallic plavendurpleish," which is pretty accurate in my opinion. It's like a silvery lilac color packed with tons of silver micro glitter very similar to Victoriana. It has a smooth matte finish rather than a high glossy one (which I personally prefer). If you remember Matte is Murder, I had some tip wear after nine days. Mink Mitten didn't chip and barely even had any tip wear after ten! I'll do a test next time to see how many days it'll go before it actually does start chipping.

It seems like I can't stop gushing about it, but why else would it be a tokki favorite, right? Application wise, this nail color is fantastic. It feels kind of thick which makes application easy, and the formula takes a bit longer to dry compared to other matte polishes I've tried. You'll get rich, pigmented payoff that's opaque within two coats of paint, but make sure the first coat's completely dry before applying the second.

ingredient list
front of their business card (the golden shininess of it is not very apparent in the photo unfortunately)
back of their business card

I'd say that the only downside to Mink Mitten is that a bottle of will set you back about 13$, so it's a bit pricey. Personally, I saved a little more than a dollar by shopping through the ManGlaze facebook, and they're probably too lazy to un-crap their website anytime soon so the 10% off is likely going to stick around for a while longer. Also, removal required a bit more work than usual matte. At first the purple will disappear and you'll be left with a pretty silver underneath until you remove that as well. Still, even that is nothing compared to removing glitter polishes. I'd actually compare 'the work' of removing it to a shimmery Zoya color like Rica.

Look out for the new, revamped label art by Joe Simko for Mink Mitten starting next week!

tokki rating: A+

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