Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shot of the Day featuring PAPERSELF Deer & Butterfly Eyelashes

I have a pair of the ever suddenly popular lashes by PAPERSELF. It is suggested to only use these paper lashes once and I haven't quite figured out how to incorporate them with a look yet.

Each pair comes in environmentally friendly packaging made mostly out of paper. The only plastic you'll find is wrapped around the box drawer part that holds the lashes and a plastic screen behind the closed flap shown above. The plastic around the small drawer is like saran wrap and easy to remove whereas the screen feels much sturdier. The lashes come curled already and they look quite long lengthwise. I feel like I'm going to have to snip them down in order for them to fit along my lash lines properly.

box drawer wrapped in plastic
back of the packaging
have you ever seen a shorter ingredient/material list?
directions printed on the back panel (inside) of the packaging

The lashes themselves feel delicate but not too fragile. I'm excited to try them out! These along with other designs can be found at Sephora for 17-19$ a pair.

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