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Too Faced Sweet Dreams Makeup Collection

The Sweet Dreams palette really adds to my love for the holiday palettes Too Faced releases. The Enchanted Glamourland palette from last year was also a great value and I think this one actually trumps it. Although it is slightly more expensive, the palette overall is absolutely lovely. The fifteen eyeshadows that are included are both matte and shimmery which are pigmented and easy to work with alongside the four face products. Currently out of stock, it is 52$ exclusively at Sephora.

If you watch the video, I show the packaging, the palette itself, swatches, along with a few comparisons to other Too Faced products I own. Check the jump for lots of photos!

packaging (left) and the palette (right)

I love the packaging! It's so girly and pretty. Also, it's similar to last year's palette in that it has raised glitter areas and comes with a full-sized Shadow Insurance primer.

couldn't capture all of the raised glitter areas, but here's an example
back of the palette
ingredient list
swatches (from left to right): In the Buff, Peach Fuzz, Copper Peony, Teddy Bear, Lovey Dovey

  • In the Buff - matte ivory white; great highlight color
  • Peach Fuzz - light peach with golden shimmer; applies like a matte
  • Copper Peony - shimmery coppery orange; applies like butter with great pigmentation
  • Teddy Bear - matte light brown; can apply streaky
  • Lovey Dovey - shimmery dark brown; great pigmentation; applies almost as well as Copper Peony

Copper Peony (focused)
swatches (from left to rigth): Satin Sheets, Cut the Cake, Party Girl, Nice Ash, Smolder
swatches (from left to rigth): Satin Sheets, Cut the Cake, Party Girl, Nice Ash, Smolder

  • Satin Sheets - shimmery gorgeous pink with golden champagne duochrome; great pigmentation and application
  • Cut the Cake - lavender mauve with somewhat subdued shimmer; applies smoothly; buildable color
  • Party Girl - bright, shimmery purple; feels very dry in the pan and has some fallout; decent pigmentation; application is very buildable
  • Nice Ash - charcoal gray with somewhat subdued shimmer; similar to Cut the Cake in terms of application and pigmentation
  • Smolder - matte navy blue that practically looks black; probably the most pigmented matte; applies nicely and pigmentation is good

Satin Sheets (focused)
Cut the Cake (focused)
Party Girl (focused)
Nice Ash (focused)
swatches: Shadow Insurance
swatches (from left to right): Honeymoon, Label Whore, Nice Stems, Cop a Teal, First Dance

  • Honeymoon - shimmery metallic dirty gold; great pigmentation; applies like butter
  • Label Whore - burgundy brown red with iridescent teal duochrome shift; great pigmentation; smooth application
  • Nice Stems! - shimmery golden bright green; applies like butter; great pigmentation
  • Cop a Teal - shimmery dark teal; applies like butter; great pigmentation
  • First Dance - dark matte purple

New colors (previously unreleased to my knowledge):
  • Lovey Dovey
  • Cut the Cake
  • Party Girl
  • Nice Ash
  • Smolder* -- a matte black of the same name was released in the Eye Love Palette
  • First Dance
  • Candlelight Glow (exclusive)

Available as single products:

I personally don't mind the repeats in the palette, but I'm sure there are people who might. With the exception of Copper Peony, I planned to eventually get all the available colors as single products but totally saved a bunch of money by waiting to get this holiday palette. I remember gushing over the one Full Bloom blush I have and it's wonderful being able to add the other colors I didn't get to my collection.

step-by-step instruction cards
swatches (from left to right): Chocolate Soleil, Cocoa Rose, Candlelight Glow, Sweet Pink
swatches (from left to right): Chocolate Soleil, Cocoa Rose, Candlelight Glow, Sweet Pink

  • Chocolate Soleil - matte brown; very sheer application that makes bronzing customized with buildability; light, sweet chocolate scent
  • Cocoa Rose - matte beige berry pink blush; smooth application; buildable color
  • Candlelight Glow - looks like a very subdued version of Satin Sheets, but more golden and sheer; application can be a bit chalky; shimmery highlight color
  • Sweet Pink - bright shimmery pink; somewhat sheer application; buildable color; great for that 'flushed' look on the cheeks

Chocolate Soleil (focused)
Cocoa Rose (focused)
Candlelight Glow (focused)
Sweet Pink (focused)

I'm very pleased with this palette despite that there are some previously released colors. Generally, I like most of the eyeshadows, and only have slight issues with a few. They are all blend well together and I get great wear with the colors and face powders as well. The couple of mattes that aren't as pigmented as the shimmery colors are still buildable and I don't have problems with making them work.

Something of note that I didn't mention in the video: the Chocolate Soleil bronzer is chocolate scented! It's not overpowering or nauseating, it's actually a nice touch to the variety of brights and neutral shadow colors that are offered. The only real downside to this palette is that it's not very travel-friendly. Otherwise, Sweet Dreams is totally worth the buy.

tokki rating: A+

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