Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween { Part 1 } -- Referee

me, Jay, and Frank

I've been in Chicago visiting Frank and a couple weeks ago was Halloween! I spent last year's here and this year almost didn't happen, but I'm happy to finally be spending time with him, to say the least. I dressed up like a referee and Frank was one of the dudes from the Crazy 88s. He's started up quite the sword collection finding accessories for his costume, but the one we took to the club was fairly dull.

yes, I get the Asian flush :(

Frank shoots at nightclubs on the weekends and Friday night was spent at Ontourage.

we couldn't get any close-ups of my makeup that night
I think you can see the makeup pretty well here
Filthy Magic camera ring

I didn't write down everything I used that night, but here's a partial list of what I can remember to the best of my ability.

Products used:


Kiwi, Lisa, Jay, me, and Marjhel
fobbing it up with Frank
channeling my inner Minzy!
Fred, me, and Peter being Gs! (lulz)
Frank, Kiwi, Marjhel, and Lisa
wearing Frank's jacket at the end of the night

A second part to my Halloween update will feature a much tamer outfit!

{ edit } There were more photos included in this post originally, but most of them have since been removed.

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