Monday, November 21, 2011

IPKN My It Gloss in T2 Peach

IPKN lip glosses can be found for 19$ at Pretty & Cute. I tried the one in Peach, and it is a generous tube of pink tinted gloss. As always, there are more photos and swatches after the cut, but check out the video for an overview and size comparisons!

The gloss is mostly sheer on the lips but does add a soft pink flush that I like a lot. It is a shiny gloss that feels very moist and hydrating on the lips. It is similar to Muse in terms of texture, but feels even smoother. I was impressed by the wear, as this is the first lip gloss that's lasted through a meal on me. There were enough remnants of it left over for me to roll my lips together without having that usual desperate urge to reapply.

mini keychain and full size tube
swatches and stains

From the tube, the gloss smells floral and fruity, but I can't really smell anything once I apply it, though I do wish the scent would linger for a bit longer. T2 Peach is supposed to be a tinted gloss so it stains a little, and it leaves behind a nice, subtle hue on the lips. The gloss doesn't feel greasy or sticky at all and feels very lightweight as well. My favorite part is that it comes with a mini one that I can attach to my keys.

I wish I could try the other colors! But they're too expensive, so maybe if I ever finish using the one I own, I'll try another.

tokki rating: A-

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