Thursday, November 24, 2011

tokidoki Cromatico Eyeshadow Palette in Polpettina

These Cromatico palettes have been out for quite a while now, but before Sephora's Black Friday discount coming up tomorrow where they're 10$ each (limit 2), they were discounted to 19$ down from the original 25$. Unfortunately, as cute as these palettes are, I'm not even sure that they're worth 10$ each. On a side note, I also have one in Bastardino, and really only got these mini palettes because I liked the charms and never bought the respective tokidoki Cactus Pup vinyl figurines.

product colors from Sephora

The palette itself is a cute, mostly clear box where the area of the biggest side is about the same size as a MAC blush. The art on the top is pink and girly, reminiscent of the Sodashop pattern. Despite its cuteness, the packaging is very impractical. It wastes a ton of space: the part that houses the Polpettina charm almost doubles the space for the thin tier of where the eyeshadows are placed.

palette in its outer packaging

For me, only one of the colors are new since the others can be found in the Robbery palette.
  • LA Gun - shimmery dark blue-green, applies smoothly, most pigmented color from the palette
  • Polpettina - pale matte pink, needed layers for swatches (least pigmented)
  • Candy Cane - frosty white silver, applies smoother than LA Gun but has much more fallout
  • Adios - matte black, streaky application with fallout, decent pigmentation

LA Gun
LA Gun (focused)
Candy Cane (focused)
back/bottom of the palette
swatches (from left to right): LA Gun, Polpettina (top row)
Candy Cane, Adios (bottom row)
Polpettina charm

The Cromatico palettes make cute stocking stuffers, but to judge it objectively from a makeup lover's point of view, I'd skip this one if you're not into collecting tokidoki and charms.

tokki rating: C+

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