Friday, December 16, 2011

Guerlain Parure de Nuit Pressed Powder and Blush

I bought this compact back in September from AHAlife and it was my very first Guerlain purchase. Although it wasn't my first luxury beauty item, it was the first time I was getting such a high end product without any discounts--full price plus shipping. I remember getting body chills in anticipation right after I ordered from being so excited. It was a fresh kind of rush only beauty addicts will understand.

It was 67$ plus 3$ for shipping, and I received my parcel within three days of placing my order. Once it was in my possession, I couldn't even bring myself to swipe a brush across it for more than a week! I just wanted the design to stay perfectly intact and take photographs of it forever. When I finally did decide to stop ogling it (with some convincing), the pressed powder did not disappoint.

It came packaged very nicely, and I felt as if I were unwrapping multiple gifts. First the transparent drawstring bag, then a box, and finally, a matching velvet pouch that was like the compact's cozy. I smelled violets as soon as I opened the compact, and while I'm normally not big on floral scents, I do like this one. It isn't an overbearing smell either, even after application. Parure de Nuit was made with the intent of having double duties as both a highlighter and a blush. By using the nude parts of the compact, you have an iridescent highlighter that is lightweight and pretty. If you swipe diagonally across the three peacock eyes, you'll get deposits of pale pink to blush up your cheeks. The powder itself really absorbs into the skin, has wonderful wear, and color payoff is subtle but very flattering.

plastic insert cover and accompanying velvet suede pouch
ingredient list

A flaw, if I can call it that, is how the bottom of the compact is shaped. Anything greater than a 90° angle while it's open won't be completely stable and still on a flat surface. The black casing is also prone to fingerprints, but these are just nitpicks at an otherwise wonderful product.

isn't the pattern gorgeous?!

I'm not too crazy about the brush that comes along with the compact, but who ever really likes them anyway? It does match the peacock theme though, and the bristles are a lovely teal color. The bottom of the compact below the powder is where you would find the compartment for the brush.

goat hair bristles

Unlike Temptalia, I haven't found the courage to literally dig any of my compact out, so I can't confirm how embedded the design is. I can, however, say that I've use this compact as a highlighter and/or blush nearly every time I've put makeup on since I started using it. Currently, the feather imprint on the peachier sections is still visible, and much of the red and blue-green of the peacock eyes haven't started to fade yet. The white is the only color that's started to disappear from use.

swatches with more contrast
swatches (most realistic in terms of color)

As it is a luxury product, this pressed powder and blush isn't for everyone. The price point alone will keep some people from purchasing. Generally, I don't splurge on beauty products too often, and I have no regrets about this one. In an ideal world, I would actually get another one of these compacts simply to save and never use. But in terms of thinking a bit more sensibly, I'd love to get the Christmas edition of their Météorites Perles de Nuit if I can.

tokki rating: A+

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