Friday, December 30, 2011

Jesse's Girl Baked Powder Eye Shadow Collection

Back in October, I bought this palette for less than 4$ from Rite Aid, and was so impressed with it that I went back a couple days later to buy three more. I'll probably put two of them up to give away on either facebook or twitter, so look out for that soon. Now, click the jump for the review and lots of photos!


The downside to this palette is that there are no names associated with the nine colors that are included, so I imposed numbers onto them for reference. Starting from the top left blue color, I went across in numerical order. I really like the packaging of the palette. It's simple, and the windowed cover is a nice addition. Inside the palette itself, was a transparent seal (of sorts) that protected the colors before use. It flips open to reveal a variety of frosty colors that can be seen through the cover.

swatches (from left to right): 1, 2, and 3
1 (focused)
tokki chart
ingredient list

Most of the colors have a powdery feel to them, and they're so pigmented! A somewhat dry texture was true of colors 1, 6, 8, and 9. And this isn't a major complaint, but those latter three colors needed a few extra passes for pigmentation that matched the others in the palette. In terms of fallout, I experienced little to none, except with number 9. There aren't any matte colors in the mix, but all the colors have a shiny pearl sheen to them that's least obvious with colors 8 and 9 on the skin.

3 (focused)
2 (focused)
swatches (from left to right): 1, 2, and 3

  • 1 - navy blue
  • 2 - dusty rose
  • 3 - lime green

4 (focused)
swatches (from left to right): 4, 5, and 6

  • 4 - pinkish lavender
  • 5 - coppery orange
  • 6 - blue (lighter than #1)


Each pan has a gorgeous, planet-like marbled look to them, but the pattern didn't seem to last for most colors after a few uses. For me, numbers 1, 4, and 6 kept their patterns the most, whereas the marbling practically disappeared from the other colors after two to three uses.

swatches (from left to right): 7, 8, and 9

  • 7 - champagne
  • 8 - charcoal
  • 9 - orange red

7 (focused)
9 colors + 2 double-ended sponge tip applicators

The value of this palette cannot be beat, it was such a great deal. It cost less than 4$ for one, and that was the sale price! It was originally 7$, if I remember correctly. Even for full price, wear is good with these over primer. The colors are pigmented, blend well, and numbers 2 through 5 have fantastic, buttery applications. My favorite colors are numbers 2 and 4.

#1 -- after swatching (twice)

If I were to be strictly objective about the packaging, I do think it takes up more space than it should length-wise, so perhaps this could be an ideal palette for depotting. However, I personally like the packaging, so I won't be doing that myself. It's very thin, and doesn't really take up much space. It's also lightweight and good for traveling despite being made out of cardboard and paper.

In the past, I've only had bad experiences with baked eyeshadows and I'm glad to say that a drugstore palette was able to change my mind about them.

tokki rating: A+

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