Friday, December 9, 2011

Looking Back Over a Year { from September 2010 to December 2011 }

pose of ponder

The other day, I was sent this photo and it got me thinking about how long I've been blogging on here. I actually started out on tumblr because it had been a familiar platform for a few years already. Then the tumblr 'blackout' happened and I deemed it unreliable to store my documenting. I also wanted my own domain since I was progressively getting more into makeup and thought that maintaining a blog would encourage me to be more organized. I have the memory of a goldfish, so the cataloging on here has really helped me at times.

Also, I admit, I used to hate on twitter, and avoided making an account for so long. But now it's my go-to for social networking and keeping up with new friends and brands. It's an avenue where I've met lovely people who I bond with though I've never even met most of them in person. I understand that a year is not much, but I think I've improved in ways that I hoped I would compared to the initial start of this blog.

What I've improved on in the last year:
  • my photography -- something I aim to continuously better as I get older.
  • my makeup application -- some of my previous posts are soooo embarrassing to look at now.
  • phasing out watermarks -- I've always hated them, but they made me feel more secure about "sharing." It will still bother me a whole lot if I find people stealing my photos (it remains a constant fear), but I try not to think about it because it hinders me.
  • being more confident in my work and considering it good quality
  • readership -- as much as I'd like to say that it doesn't matter how many people read my blog, it really does affect me sometimes. I just don't seem to have that allure~* of getting more people to stick around constantly, so I really appreciate the readers who take the time to comment every once in a while and interact with me. Thank you for your continued support.

Goals and what I want to improve:
  • consistency, both with posts and videos -- I wish I could just work as a full-time blogger, wouldn't that be a dream? Although I can't fully focus on this blog until sometime next year, I do hope to have some sort of regularity in the future.
  • editing videos -- I have no idea how to edit videos. I just sort of do them in one go which can be quite strenuous if I have to do multiple takes, haha.
  • taking selcas and more FOTDs -- I need to be less camera shy even if my look is a disaster. I definitely want to take 'live and learn' to heart, because at the end of the day, it's just makeup.
  • makeup application on others -- not worry so much about messing up
  • meet new people (in person) -- I'd really love to meet any of the friends I've made through twitter, attend IMATS in California, and Beautylish events next year.
  • up my self-esteem to a healthy level
  • self promotion -- I don't want to come off annoying, so I try not to, but I haven't quite learned the art of confidently promoting oneself.
  • I'd really like to be sponsored for a product (or two) by a brand I love and in general, feel more appreciated by brands I support.
  • side project: slowly build a wardrobe by finding clothes that fit me properly and dress more ladylike!

These are just a few things I could think of and wanted to share with you all. I hope to keep improving for not only myself, but for the readers who have stayed by me since finding this modest beauty blog. I am truly grateful to everyone who has stuck around beyond the giveaways, and have even become my friends through the portal of the internet. If you have any suggestions for me to work on or feedback you'd like to give me, please feel free to leave them in the comments or shoot me an email!

Here's to another year on makeup tokki! ★ミ(。●ヮ●)っ旦~