Friday, December 9, 2011

OPI DS Reserve

A while back, Lyn from Beauty Cabby showed a photo of this color on her nails on twitter and I immediately wanted a bottle for myself. I later found it on Amazon for 7$ plus 2$ shipping.

The Designer Series were part of a much older release from OPI a few years ago. Although it's hard to find the prismatic holographic polishes, Reserve is still easily found on websites like Amazon. It is a dusty rose pink with gorgeous iridescent micro glitter. The formula isn't too thick or difficult to work with, and I got opacity within 2 coats of lacquer.

the look of it in the bottle transfers similarly to the nails
ingredient list

Now, in regards to wear, I'm not sure how to report on it accurately. I usually shy away from showing my right hand with nail polish as I tend to keep the nails very short, and nail swatches look much less appealing on shorter nails. But the wear was very different from my left hand. I should point out that I was not the one to paint my right hand, so perhaps the considerably rushed nature of the application had something to do with it. Also, unlike previous nail swatches up until this point of the post, the next two are of my nails with OPI's Reserve plus Seche Vite on top. However, even without a top coat, Reserve does have a smooth, somewhat glossy finish by itself. When I wore this manicure to test out wear, I was in Chicago and wore it for eight straight days before taking it off. Frank took photos for me right before removal.

left hand: very minor tip wear after 8 days
right hand: much more tip wear in addition to some chipping after 8 days

Overall, I love the pink hue of DS Reserve, and think it's quite complimentary on the nails. It's girly without being too flashy and bold.

tokki rating: A

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