Monday, December 19, 2011

Phoebe by Zoya

I wore Zoya Phoebe back in October to test it for wear and was so disappointed with the results that I considered not publishing this review for a while. Prior to this color, I had such favorable experiences with Zoya polishes and was honestly kind of surprised. Phoebe was a summer release as part of the Mod Mattes collection, and it is a gorgeous bright matte blue.

An aspect I do adore is the color of Phoebe, it's one of the prettiest blues I own. It has a shimmery look while maintaining a matte finish. The packaging of frosted bottles and matte black caps applies to most (if not all) Zoya mattes, as they feel nice and smooth to hold. Unfortunately, I hate the formula of this matte lacquer. It's difficult to work with, applies unevenly, and streaks easily. Also, I think I just find faults with it being my first disappointment with Zoya, and it was made worse since I tried it after ManGlaze matte polishes. I projected a preconceived notion that matte polishes could be comparable to great non-matte ones, and Phoebe simply didn't perform like I had expected.

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Firstly, I don't agree with the "opaque" color intensity listed on Zoya's site. I used about 1-2 coats and with any polish that claims to be opaque, I expect it to have almost complete opacity within two. The Zoya scale for color intensity ranges from 1 (sheer) to 5 (opaque) and Phoebe was granted a 5, the maximum opacity. Again, maybe I'm being too picky and harsh by not compensating with extra coats, but some opacity is definitely lacking beyond my nail beds if you look at these photos. Why do I need to apply 3-5 coats to achieve opacity? Another issue I had was with the wear of Phoebe. Granted, Zoya in fact notes that their mattes are "not as long-wearing as traditional nail color," but I never had a nail polish outright chip on me after only a couple days.

I had chipping on my both my index finger and thumb within three days of applying Phoebe with a base coat (which is what's recommended) along with noticeable tip wear by the end of the week. The two photographs above that show said chipping were taken after an entire seven days of wear.

Recently, I attempted to wear Phoebe again before painting this Old Vic manicure and the formula was even more difficult to deal with. I tried being patient by rolling the bottle for a while, to mix up the contents as much as I could, but I had to reapply/remove it a few times before I gave up from the frustration and just dealt with the not-up-to-par coats of polish. It was only on one fingernail too.

I'm sorry I dislike your formula so much, Phoebe. I've tried my best not to, I think you're such a lovely color otherwise.

tokki rating: C

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